Why be a SOFTLOGIC employee?

Our business portfolio is constantly growing and evolving at a rapid pace. Hence, the Softlogic family continues to grow and is always on the lookout for quality talents.

What distinguishes SOFTLOGIC from all the rest ? ...

Our Vision, Energy, Creativity, Dynamism & Innovativeness and the fact that we encourage every employee to unveil his/her potential. A job at Softlogic is a career made by you, with development opportunities, benefits and a working culture that embraces diversity. That’s why we look for people who want to be the best at what they do and who are passionate about what they do. People who enjoy doing their best, getting the best and being the best and who willing to look at challenges head on, inside out, or upside down to get the best possible results conforming to the highest ethical standards are our ideal picks. So whether you’re looking for an internship, graduate opportunities or a job opening to progress your professional career, at Softlogic you can shape your own path as you work with our global brands and the people who drive our sustainable business growth.

Career opportunities

We would be keen to meet you if you think you meet the Softlogic requirements. If you are interested in learning more about career opportunities with Softlogic Group, please submit your resume and cover letter to info@softlogic.lk.

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